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2023 Steering Committee Agenda

Kalispell, MT October 17-18, 2023

Tuesday, October 17th – Technical Session
TimeTopicDiscussion Leader
8:00 AM Pre-Meeting Setup and Preparation
8:30 AM Introductions and WelcomeScott Copeland
Network and Lab Reviews
8:40 AM Optical and Scene MonitoringM. Tigges, S. Cismoski
9:00 AM IMPROVE Carbon AnalysisJudy Chow
9:30 AM Network UpdateNicole Hyslop
10:20 PM 15 Minute Break
Network and Lab Review (cont)
10:35 AM Ion AnalysisTracy Dombek
Analytical Development
10:55 AM Carbon Research UpdateJohn Watson
11:25 AM HIPS UpdateWarren White – remote
11:50 AM Low Cost Wind SensorsLawrence Tsai – remote
12:00 PM 90 Minute Lunch Break
Analytical Development (cont)
1:30 PM XRF vs ICP/MSNicole Hyslop
1:50 PM Measuring Carbon with FTIR – updatesA. Dillner, S. Takahama
Data Analysis [spacer height=”-20px”]
2:50 PM Trends in Seasonal Mean Speciated Aerosol CompositionJenny Hand
3:20 PM 15 Minute Break
Data Analysis (cont)
3:35 PM Nitrate Trends on Most Impaired DaysS. Copeland, B. Schichtel
4:05 PM Optical Monitoring UpdateBill Malm
4:25 PM Adjourn for the day (Optional Group Dinner)
Wednesday, October 18 – Business Meeting
TimeTopicDiscussion Leader
8:15 AM Pre-Meeting Setup and Preparation
Data Processing, Distribution and Quality
8:30 AM IMPROVE Data and RHR MetricsScott Copeland
8:50 AM Quality assurance – new QA analyst introductionBonne Ford (Hotmann)
IMPROVE Business
9:05 AM Steering Committee Charter ImplementationScott Copeland
9:20 AM Network Operations Subcommittee ReportJoann Rice
9:40 AM Data Analysis and Reporting Subcommittee ReportJenny Hand
10:00 AM Outreach and Communication Subcommittee ReportJay Baker
10:20 AM 15 Minute Break
10:35 AM Requests for Archived IMPROVE filtersScott Copeland
10:50 AM CSN filter archive and long-term storageJ. Rice, M. Beaver
11:05 AM BudgetTony Prenni
11:20 PM Committee BusinessScott Copeland
11:40 PM Meeting Adjourned
11:40 PM Optional Field Trip to Glacier (GLAC1) IMPROVE Site