Data Resources

This page provides access to IMPROVE data resources from the routine IMPROVE network, IMPROVE Specialty Studies and other air quality data collected in National Parks and Wilderness Areas.   In addition, information concerning the quality assurance and control procedures and analyses of the IMPROVE data are available.  See the Tools section for data processing tools and aggregation algorithm.

Note:  The QA/QC of the IMPROVE data is a continuous process. As problems are found, the data are updated. Please see the History of Network Changes for the latest information concerning the changes to the database.

  IMPROVE Monitoring Data - The IMPROVE monitoring network consists of aerosol, light scatter, light extinction and scene samplers in a number of National Parks and Wilderness areas.  This section provides access to the raw data and data products

  Quality Assurance and Control - The IMPROVE monitoring network undergoes extensive quality control and assessment procedures and analyses.  From this page, the QA/QC procedures and analyses can be accessed, changes to the monitoring network can be viewed, and contacts for reporting problems with the IMPROVE data are provided.

  Special Studies and Other Data Resources - This page provides access to aerosol and optical data and their metadata from Specialty Studies and other data networks