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Study Plan – MOHAVE

Measurement of Haze and Visual Effects

Principal Authors: Marc Pitchford1, Mark Green2, Ivar Tombach3William Malm4, Robert Farber,5 Vince Mirabella5

Introduction (288 KB)

Current Knowledge and Available Data (409 KB)

General Field Study Design (419 KB)

Tracer (493 KB)

Air Quality Monitoring (270 KB)

Meteorological Monitoring (308 KB)

Optical Monitoring (243 KB)

Emission Inventory and Characterization (55 KB)

Centralized Data Management and Validation (178 KB)

Descriptive Data Analysis and Interpretation (228 KB)

Attribution (542 KB)

Overall Quality Assurance (113 KB)

1National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
2Desert Research Institute
3Environmental Consultant
4National Park Service-Air Resources Division
5Southern California Edison Co.