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Final Report – PREVENT

The Pacific Northwest Regional Visibility Experiment Using Natural Tracers

Principal Authors: William C. Malm1, Kristi Gebhart1, John Molenar2, Robert Eldred3, Halstead Harrison4

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Cover Page (6 KB)

Table of Contents (13 KB)

Overview and Synopsis (4561 KB)

Introduction (4223 KB)

Field Monitoring Program (1055 KB)

Optical Data Analysis (8218 KB)

Aerosol Sample Analysis (1725 KB)

A Weather Summary for the Pacific Northwest,July 6-September 6, 1990 (2945 KB)

Characteristics of Particulate Concentrations and their Optical Properties (8868 KB)

Aerosol Acidity (2774 KB)

Exploration of Relationships among Aerosols (2075 KB)

Attribution of Aerosol Species to Sources Using Chemical Mass Balance and Regression Analysis (2332 KB)

Analysis of Air Mass Back Trajectories (1349 KB)

Spatial and Temporal Patterns in Measured Data (21,232 KB)

Appendix 1-Addendum (2953 KB)

Appendix 2 (780 KB)

Appendix 3 (857 KB)

Appendix 4 (966 KB)

Appendix 5 (661 KB)

Appendix 6 (5989 KB)

Appendix 7 (2315 KB)

Appendix 8 (4960 KB)

Appendix 9 (2306 KB)

Appendix 10 (2008 KB)

1National Park Service-Air Resources Division
2Air Resources Specialists, Inc.
3Crocker Nuclear Laboratory
4Wyndsoft, Inc.