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Final Report – MOHAVE

Measurement of Haze and Visual Effects

Principal Authors: Marc Pitchford1, Mark Green2, Ivar Tombach3William Malm4, Robert Farber,5 Vince Mirabella5

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Cover and Acknowledgements (10 KB)

Executive Summary (133 KB)

Table of Contents (23 KB)

Section 1- Introduction (15 KB)

Section 2- Study Setting (1.97 MB)

Section 3- Monitoring Network (349 KB)

Section 4- Measurement Evaluation (374 KB)

Section 5- Light Extinction in the Desert Southwest (348 KB)

Section 6- Chemical Contributions to Extinction (2.14 MB)

Section 7- Temporal Changes in Meteorology, Transport, and Air Quality (800 KB)

Section 8- Source Contribution Assessment Methodology (208 KB)

Section 9- Source Contributions Assessment (421 KB)

Section 10- Summary and Conclusions (48 KB)

Section 11- References (26 KB)

Appendix A- Data Base Contents and Structure (11 KB)

Appendix B- Approach for Estimating Short-Term Impacts of MPP at Meadview (67 KB)

Appendix C- Descriptions of Attribution Methods and their Application (7 KB)

1National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
2Desert Research Institute
3Environmental Consultant
4National Park Service-Air Resources Division
5Southern California Edison Co.