Data Advisories

This is an IMPROVE data user community supported page meant to document interesting findings from the IMPROVE database including data anomalies, potential problems, and new uses for the IMPROVE data.  These advisories are not meant to be comprehensive or complete.  In addition, unless explicitly stated the data advisories are not necessarily endorsed by the IMPROVE steering committee, National Park Service, CIRA or others.

Universal calibration constants for flow rate calculationSubmitted by: C. WallisOn: 09/2019Doc #: da0044
Sites: All, following installation of Version 4 controllersTime Period: 2018-presentModule/Species: All
Change in analytical protocol for XRF analysisSubmitted by: K. TrzeplaOn: 06/2019Doc #: da0043
Sites: AllTime Period: 10/2018-presentModule/Species: A/All elements
Method change for calibrating flow rate transfer standardsSubmitted by: C. WallisOn: 05/2019Doc #: da0042
Sites: AllTime Period: 1/2015-presentModule/Species: All
Changes to HIPS SystemSubmitted by: K.Trzepla & J. GiacomoOn: 04/2019Doc #: da0041
Sites: AllTime Period: 1/2017-presentModule/Species: A/Fabs
Updated data for CarbonSubmitted by: B SchichtelOn: 04/2019Doc #: da0040
Sites: AllTime Period: 1/2016-2/2017Module/Species: C/ EC, OC, TC, Carbon fractions
Correction of chloride concentrations for filter blank levelsSubmitted by: X. ZhangOn: 3/2019Doc #: da0039
Sites: AllTime Period: 2007-2011Module/Species: B/ Cl-
Calibration bias in reported vanadium concentrationsSubmitted by: K. TrzeplaOn: 02/2018Doc #: da0038
Sites: AllTime Period: 1/2011-10/2017Module/Species: A/ V
Over-reporting of sodium in salt-rich samplesSubmitted by: W.H. WhiteOn: 06/2017Doc #: da0037
Sites: AllTime Period: Before 1/1/2011Module/Species: A/ Na
Negative chloride concentrations at salt-poor sitesSubmitted by: W.H. WhiteOn: 03/2017Doc #: da0036
Sites: AllTime Period: 2000-2003Module/Species: B/ Cl -
Increased variation of humidity in the weighing laboratorySubmitted by: W.H. WhiteOn: 09/2016Doc #: da0035
Sites: AllTime Period: 2011 and laterModule/Species: A/ MF D/ MT
Bias between masked and unmasked light absorption measurementsSubmitted by: W.H. WhiteOn: 10/2015Doc #: da0034
Sites: AllTime Period: Before 2008Module/Species: A/ Fabs
Changed reporting of light absorptionSubmitted by: W.H. WhiteOn: 09/2015Doc #: da0033
Sites: AllTime Period: All sample yearsModule/Species: A/ Fabs
Change to artifact correction method for OC carbon fractionsSubmitted by: A. M. DillnerOn: 09/2015Doc #: da0032
Sites: AllTime Period: 1/1/2005 - currentModule/Species: C/OC
Changes in redelivery of 1/2005 through 5/2014 dataSubmitted by: Xiaoya ChengOn: 09/2015Doc #: da0031
Sites: AllTime Period: 1/1/2005 - 5/31/2014Module/Species: All
Temporary contamination of Columbia River A-module samplesSubmitted by: W. H. White et al.,On: 06/2014Doc #: da0030
Sites: CORITime Period: 11/5/2011 - 7/14/2012Module/Species: A/ Zn, MF
Contamination associated with new sampler shedSubmitted by: W. H. White et al.,On: 06/2014Doc #: da0029
Sites: NOABTime Period: 1/1/2008 - 8/16/2012Module/Species: A/ Cr, Ni
Bias between masked and unmasked light absorption measurementsSubmitted by: W. H. WhiteOn: 03/2010Doc #: da0028
Sites: AllTime Period: Before 2008Module/Species: A/ fabs
Suspect light-absorption data from three months in 2000Submitted by: W. H. WhiteOn: 03/2010Doc #: da0027
Sites: AllTime Period: 9/1/2000 - 11/30/2000Module/Species: A/ fabs
Marginal detection of heavy elements by PIXE analysisSubmitted by: W. H. WhiteOn: 03/2010Doc #: da0026
Sites: AllTime Period: Before 6/1/1992Module/Species: A/ Pb, Sr, Se, Rb
Arcane flagging of early hydrogen and fine mass dataSubmitted by: W. H. WhiteOn: 03/2010Doc #: da0025
Sites: AllTime Period: 9/1/1990 – 2/26/1992Module/Species: A/ MF, H
Under-correction of chloride concentrations for filter blank levels - historical Advisory:  Applies to downloads before 11/23/2009Submitted by: W. H. WhiteOn: 08/2009Doc #: da0024
Sites: AllTime Period: 2005 - 2008Module/Species: B/ Cl
Inconstant bias in XRF sulfur - Advisory Update to da0012Submitted by: W. H. WhiteOn: 05/2009Doc #: da0023
Sites: AllTime Period: AllModule/Species: A/ S
Data losses during episodes of heavy smokeSubmitted by: W. H. WhiteOn: 01/2009Doc #: da0022
Sites: AllTime Period: AllModule/Species: A/ MF, elements, fabs
Mis-reporting of light-absorption on masked filters - Historical Advisory: Applies to downloads before 4/17/2009Submitted by: W. H. WhiteOn: 09/2008
Modified on
: 04/2009
Doc #: da0021
Sites: BRID1, DENA1, HALE1, HANC1, HAVO1, MEVE1, MORA1, NOAB1, NOCA1, OLYM1, PETE1, SIME1, SNPA1, TRCR1, TUXE1, VIIS1, WEMI1, WHIT1, WHPA1, WHPE1, WHRI1, ZICA1Time Period: 2005 – 2006Module/Species: A/ fabs
Invalid data for collocated (POC = 2) samples - Historical Advisory: Applies to downloads before 4/17/2009Submitted by: W. H. White

On: 09/2008

Modified on: 04/2009

Doc #: da0020
Sites: MEVE1, OLYM1, PMRF1, SAFO1, SAMA1, TRCR1Time Period: January – July, 2005Module/Species: A/ H, Na, Mg, Al, Si, P, S, Cl, K, Ca, Ti, V, Cr, Mn, Fe
Bias between masked and unmasked elemental measurementsSubmitted by: W. H. WhiteOn: 07/2008Doc #: da0019
Sites: Entire networkTime Period: evident since 2002Module/Species: A/ S
Positive interference in PIXE titanium determinationsSubmitted by: W. H. WhiteOn: 03/2008Doc #: da0018
Sites: Entire networkTime Period: Before 12/1/2001Module/Species: A/ Ti
Changes in sodium data qualitySubmitted by: W. H. WhiteOn: 11/2007Doc #: da0017
Sites: Entire networkTime Period: 12/1/2001 – PresentModule/Species: A/ Na
Shift in EC/OC split with 1 January 2005 TOR hardware upgradeSubmitted by: W. H. WhiteOn: 10/2007Doc #: da0016
Sites: Entire networkTime Period: 1/1/2005 – PresentModule/Species: C/ EC, OC; OC1, OC2, OC3, OC4, OP, EC1, EC2, EC3
Change in definition of flowrate native flagsSubmitted by: C. McDadeOn: 9/2007Doc #: da0015
Sites: Entire networkTime Period: 1/1/2005 – PresentModule/Species: A, B, C/ All species
Shifts in Mo-anode XRF element calibration factorsSubmitted by: R. FlocchiniOn: 9/2007Doc #: da0014
Sites: Entire networkTime Period: 9/2005Module/Species: A/ Ni, As, Se, Br, Rb, Pb
Introduction of a second copper-anode XRF systemSubmitted by: W. H. WhiteOn: 2/2007Doc #: da0013
Sites: Entire networkTime Period: 2005 – PresentModule/Species: A/ Na, Mg, Al, Si, P, S, Cl, K, Ca, Ti, V, Cr, Mn, Fe
Varying bias of XRF sulfur relative to IC sulfateSubmitted by: W. H. WhiteOn: 1/2007Doc #: da0012
Sites: Entire networkTime Period: 2003 – 2004; maybe to earlier yearsModule/Species: A/ S
S interference in XRF determination of SiSubmitted by: W. H. WhiteOn: 12/2006Doc #: da0011
Sites: Entire networkTime Period: 2001 - PresentModule/Species: A/ S,Si
Elemental concentrations of Al above the MDL can go undetectedSubmitted by: W. H. WhiteOn: 11/2006Doc #: da0010
Sites: Entire networkTime Period: entire recordModule/Species: A/ Al
Changed reporting of XRF sulfurSubmitted by: W. H. WhiteOn: 10/2006Doc #: da0009
Sites: Entire networkTime Period: 1/1/05 -Module/Species: A/ S
B-module data from Virgin IslandsSubmitted by: W. H. WhiteOn: 9/2006Doc #: da0008
Sites: VIISTime Period: 6/2001 - 5/2003Module/Species: B/ CHL, NO3, SO4
1-in-6-day Cu contamination from foreign samplers - Updated AdvisorySubmitted by: W. H. WhiteOn: 9/2006
Modified on
: 05/2009
Doc #: da0007
Sites: ATLA, BADL, BRMA, PMRF, ROMA, othersTime Period: 2002 -Module/Species: A/ Cu
High concentrations attributable to documented wildfireSubmitted by: W. H. WhiteOn: 9/2006Doc #: da0006
Sites: PORETime Period: 10/12/04Module/Species: A/ K;
Sporadic contamination by Zn - Updated AdvisorySubmitted by: W.  H. WhiteOn: 9/2006
Modified on: 05/2009
Doc #: da0005
Sites: Entire networkTime Period: 2004 known to be affected; earlier years may have been affectedModule/Species: A/ Zn
Significant Number of Under Reported Sulfate Ion Concentrations Prior to 3/15/1989Submitted by:
B.A. Schichtel
On: 9/2006Doc #: da0004
Sites: Sites in the Eastern United StatesTime Period:  1992-1994Module/Species: B/ SO4
Significant Loss of Ion Concentrations in 1998 Due to Clogging of Module B Nylon FiltersSubmitted by:
B.A. Schichtel
On: 9/2006Doc #: da0003
Sites: Entire networkTime Period: 6/1996Module/Species: B/ all
Diminished wintertime nitrate concentrations in late 1990sSubmitted by:
C. McDade
On: 3/2007Doc #: da0002
Sites: Entire networkTime Period: 1998Module/Species:|
/ SO4
Underestimation of Sulfur Concentrations During High Loadings and Humidity Conditions in the Eastern USSubmitted by:
B.A. Schichtel
On: 11/2003Doc #: da0001
Sites: Entire networkTime Period:
 1988 - 3/15/1989
Module/Species: A/ S