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2021 Steering Committee Agenda

Held Virtually, November 9-10, 2021

Tuesday, November 9 – Technical Session
TimeTopicDiscussion Leader
Network and Lab Reviews
10:30 AM Optical and Scene MonitoringMark Tigges, Scott Cismoski
10:45 AM Update on IMPROVE Carbon AnalysisJudy Chow
11:15 AM Ion AnalysisTracy Dombek
11:40 AM Quality Assurance.  Field AuditsScott Copeland for D. Day
11:50 PM 20 Minute Break
12:10 PM Network Updates (Raffuse and Hyslop)Sean Raffuse, Nicole Hyslop
Analytical Development
12:30 PM Light absorption measurement updateWarren White
12:55 PM Smoke Sample Losses and Potential Mitigation (Potanin and Raffuse)Sean Raffuse, Ilia Potanin
1:20 PM 20 Minute Break
1:40 PM  Carbon ReportBret Schichtel
2:10 PM  XRF Measurement Inter-comparisonsNicole Hyslop
2:30 PM Purple Air / Optical Instrument StudiesBill Malm
2:50 PM Adjourn for the day

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Wednesday, November 10 – Technical (cont) and Business Meeting
TimeTopicDiscussion Leader
Analytical Development (cont)
10:30 AM  ASCENT NetworkAnn Dillner
Data Analysis
10:50 AM Long-term dust trend and association with Valley fever infectionDaniel Tong
11:10 AM IMPROVE Report OverviewJenny Hand
11:35 AM 20 Minute Break
Data Processing, Distribution, and Quality
11:55 AM IMPROVE Data and RHR MetricsScott Copeland
12:15 PM Documented process for relocated IMPROVE sitesTom Moore, Brett Gantt
IMPROVE Business
12:35 PM Steering Committee Charter (Copeland and Schichtel)Scott Copeland, Bret Schichtel
12:55 PM 20 Minute Break
1:15 PM Steering Committee Charter – DiscussionScott Copeland, Bret Schichtel
1:35 PM Implementing Sub-committees – WRAP perspectiveTom Moore
1:55 PM BudgetTony Prenni
2:15 PM Committee BusinessScott Copeland
2:35 PM Meeting Adjourned