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Dedicated to reducing Regional Haze in Class I Areas through the exchange of
Data, Tools, and Ideas

The Visibility Information Exchange Web System (VIEWS) is an online exchange of air quality data, research, and ideas designed to understand the effects of air pollution on visibility and to support the Regional Haze Rule enacted by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to reduce regional haze and improve visibility in national parks and wilderness areas.
Visitor's Guide
The black navigation bar near the top of each page contains links to general site services.
The navigation area to the left of each page contains links to data resources and tools.
The Dataset Inventory table at the bottom of this page contains a list of available datasets.
The best method for accessing all available raw data is to use the Database Query Wizard.
The best method for viewing RHR IMPROVE data is to use the Annual Summary tools.
Regional Haze SIP Writers
State and Tribal Implementation Plan (SIP/TIP) writers can find IMPROVE monitoring data products catered to Regional Haze Rule (RHR) planning in the VIEWS Annual Summary.  Specific products such as 2000-2004 baseline values, natural conditions estimates, and glide slopes are available on the Annual Summary Trends page.  Please feel free to contact us with questions/comments regarding these tools!
Note to SIP writers regarding the new IMPROVE algorithm and natural condition estimates; currently natural condition estimates are only available from VIEWS as calculated by the old IMPROVE algorithm.  Application of the new IMPROVE algorithm to natural visibility estimates is currently under review by the RPO Monitoring and Data analysis work group (see the 6/12/2006 presentation below).

What's New:

08/29/2006 - BOWA1 substituted data added to VIEWS.  See the Substitute data page in the VIEWS Documents section for details of data issues at BOWA1 and other sites with data completeness issues for the 2000-2004 baseline period.
07/21/2006 - Monitoring and Data analysis workgroup presentation on revised natural condition estimates using the new IMPROVE algorithm. Supporting tables New Algorithm Old and New Algorithm
03/09/2006 - 2004 IMPROVE Calculated variables and Regional Haze data derived from the New IMPROVE Algorithm (IRHR2)
12/12/2005 - 2004 Regional Haze data and annual metrics (IRHR)
New Database Query Wizard (with saved queries)
New Account Services (profile, retrieve queries)
  Always check the Current Dataset Inventory table for any recent data updates.  
Current Dataset Inventory
AQS Fine Mass FRM (D)Daily
AQS Fine Mass FRM (H)Hourly
AQS Fine Speciation (D)Daily
AQS PM10 - DailyDaily
CASTNet Dry ChemistryWeekly
CASTNet Visibility ChemistryDaily
IMPROVE Aerosol (Preliminary)Daily
IMPROVE AerosolDaily
IMPROVE Coarse Mass Speciation StudyDaily
IMPROVE NephelometerHourly
IMPROVE RHR AerosolDaily
IMPROVE RHR2 Aerosol (New Algorithm)Daily
NADP/Mercury Deposition Network (MDN)Weekly
NADP/Nation Trends Network (NTN)Weekly
Navaho Generating Station (NGS)Daily
NPS SFU AerosolDaily
SEARCH All VariablesDaily
SEARCH Best EstimateDaily
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