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Planning Information Exchange

This section of the TSS acts as a Planning Information Exchange for the regional haze implementation plans - providing links to regional haze planning materials. The primary source of this information is the WRAP Implementation Workgroup.

Planning Documents

Applying Monitoring Metrics for Regional Haze Planning (June 15, 2007):This guidance document from the Technical Analysis Forum reviews and recommends how to use IMPROVE visibility monitoring data for WRAP region haze planning.
Reasonable Progress Guidance (June 1, 2007):EPA has released the final version of its guidance for reasonable progress. When using this national guidance document, please also see the WRAP Reasonable Progress Protocol.
New Mexico Dust SIP Pilot for the Salt Creek Wilderness Area (November 2006):This pilot study provides a methodology for haze planners to follow in addressing dust emissions sources.
WRAP Haze Planning Background Document (March 2006):Appendix A of this document was the original source for organizing the TSS.
Revised Plan 02d CMAQ Modeling Results (June 2011):Final memo summarizing problems in extracting visibility modeling results at some Regional Haze IMPROVE site locations in the WRAP region from the "Plan02d" modeling scenario, and the fixes made to the TSS to display correct results for those sites in a "Plan02d_rev" scenario.