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IMPROVE Data Resources

The IMPROVE monitoring network consists of aerosol, light scatter, light extinction and scene samplers in a number of National Parks and Wilderness areas.  This section provides access to the raw data and data products.  See the Tools section for data processing tools and aggregation algorithm.  See the IMPROVE data user guide for an overview of the IMPROVE samplers and filter analysis.

Graphic Viewer - An interactive viewer for browser IMPROVE metadata and preprocessed graphics from the IMPROVE database.  The graphics include isopleth  maps of annual aerosol concentrations and light extinction values, seasonal plots of aerosol composition and long-term trends.

IMPROVE Summary Data - ASCII tables of summary statistics from the IMPROVE aerosol and optical data files.  These data were used to generate the graphics presented in the Graphic Viewer.

Aerosol Data ASCII Files  - The raw IMPROVE aerosol data available in ASCII files.

Online IMPROVE Database Access - Query the integrated air quality database for IMPROVE data based upon location, time range, and species.

Optical Data - The raw IMPROVE transmissometer and nephelometer data available in ASCII files.

Photographs - Cameras are used at a number of IMPROVE monitoring sites to monitor the scene.  Images from monitoring sites with over five years of data where selected to capture the range or "spectrum" of visual conditions at each site.  This web page provides access to these photographs for each site.  In addition, these photographs have been archived on CD-ROMs.  See IMPROVE Newsletter, Volume 7, No. 3 (Summer 1998) for a discussion on the creation and specific contents of slide spectrums.

Monthly Relative Humidity and RH Correction Factors - Monthly average relative humidity data and RH correction factors for converting dry extinction values to ambient extinction.  The data are on a 1X1 degree grid over the United States.