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The Resources section of the TSS organizes data, results, and methods documents from air quality monitoring networks, meteorological and receptor modeling analyses, emissions inventories and models, and gridded air quality/visibility regional modeling simulations, and displays them for analysis using TSS tools. This section also allows the user to view and analyze source apportionment analysis results and utilize the methods developed by the WRAP Attribution of Haze Workgroup for integrating data for regional haze and air quality planning purposes.

Resource Topics

Weight of Evidence Resources

Haze Planning

The Haze Planning page contains the technical review tools to support a regional haze reasonable progress demonstration. Methods documents related to the data sets and analyses available here can be found in the topic-specific pages listed below.
Monitoring Resources


The Monitoring page contains links to monitoring-specific data analysis tools, methods documents, and other relevant resources.
Emissions Resources


The Emissions page contains links to emissions-specific data analysis tools, methods documents, emissions data files, and other relevant resources.
Modeling Resources


The Modeling page contains links to model results-specific analysis tools, methods documents, and other relevant resources.
Source Apportionment Resources

Source Apportionment

The Source Apportionment page contains links to source apportionment-specific analysis tools, methods document, and other relevant resources.