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Welcome to the WRAP Technical Support System!

News and Events

The WRAP Reasonable Progress Support Document (June 28, 2013)
The WRAP has worked cooperatively with western state air agency representatives to prepare a RHR progress report technical support document, which is available in the Regional Haze support information on the WRAP website ( This document is intended to provide the technical basis for use by Western States to develop the first of their individual reasonable progress reports. It includes regional, state, and CIA specific summaries that characterize the difference between baseline conditions (2000-2004) and first successive progress period (2005-2009). Background information on progress period support materials, including documentation regarding the 2008 emissions data summarized here on the TSS, is also available in this support document.
Content and tool updates (December 3, 2007)
The TSS project team has completed the following updates in support of regional haze planning:
  1. The Plan02d visibility modeling data results have been uploaded. These data can be reviewed on the Visibility Modeling Results tool, as well as being used in the Visibility Projections tool. Users can view model results by scenario, either as individual scenarios or as preselected pairs.
  2. SOx/NOx Tracer (PSAT) data for all WRAP, CENRAP, and selected Midwest RPO Class I area monitoring sites are now available.
  3. The Weighted Emissions Potential data set has been revised to include Plan02d and PRP18a results only. The PRP18a results are now normalized to Plan02d results so that actual changes in weighted emissions between the scenarios will be evident.
  4. The Parameter selection list in the Emissions Review tool has been expanded to include Sulfur Dioxide, Sulfur Oxides (gas and particulate), Nitrogen Oxides (gas), and Nitrogen Oxides (gas and particulate) because there is a need for these different selections.
  5. The following rules for accessing data results have been implemented, due to the nature of the TSS data and its applicability across the U.S.:
    • Monitoring data are available for all IMPROVE sites on the TSS.
    • SOx/NOx Tracer (PSAT) data are available for all WRAP, CENRAP, and northwestern Midwest RPO sites.
    • WEP data are available for all WRAP sites and GUMO (a CENRAP region site which represents Carlsbad Caverns, NM).
    • Visibility Projections are available for all WRAP sites and GUMO (a CENRAP region site which represents Carlsbad Caverns, NM).
TSS Training & Orientation Workshop (June 19-20, 2007)
The TSS project team provided training sessions for the TSS modules, such as tools for Haze Planning, Source Apportionment/Emissions Analysis/Visibility Projections, and the Fire Emissions Tracking System. Results from the 2018 Preliminary Reasonable Progress emissions and modeling analysis were also presented. Materials from the workshop are available here.