Spatial and Seasonal Patterns and Temporal Variability of Haze and its Constituents in the United States Report IV: November 2006

Principle Author:  Linsey J. Debell1

Contributors: Kristi A. Gebhart2, William C. Malm2, Marc L. Pitchford3, Bret A. Schichtel2 and Warren H. White4

The Entire Document (18 megs)

Cover Page

Title Page and Table of Contents

Overview and Summary

Chapter 1  – IMPROVE Network – Purpose, Design, and History

Chapter 2 – Spatial Distributions of Reconstructed Mass and Mass Budgets and Reconstructed Light Extinction and Light-Extinction Budgets

 Chapter 3 – Spatial Variability of Average Monthly Patterns in Fine Aerosol Species Concentrations and Particulate Extinction Coefficients

Chapter 4 – Temporal Trends in Fine Aerosol Species Concentrations and Aerosol Extinction

Chapter 5 – IMPROVE Data Quality Assurance

Chapter 6 – Special Monitoring Studies and Data Analyses Associated with the IMPROVE Program

Chapter 7 – Bibliography of Journal Articles using IMPROVE Data

Appendix A – Annual Average Reconstructed Fine Mass and Aerosol Extinction Budgets for Each Site

Appendix B – Seasonal and Annual Regional Reconstructed Fine Mass and Reconstructed Extinction Budgets

Appendix C – Average Monthly Bar Charts of Reconstructed Mass and Extinction of Constituent Species for each IMPROVE site

Appendix D – Articles Reporting on the Results from IMPROVE Special Monitoring Studies Conducted since 2000

Appendix E – An Assessment of Measurement Errors in the IMPROVE and STN Networks from In-Network and Cross-Network Collocated Data and the Estimated Comparability of Data Collected From the Two Networks

1Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere (CIRA)

2National Park Service (NPS)

3National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)

4University of  California, Davis