Spatial and Seasonal Patterns and Temporal Variability of Haze and its Constituents in the United States: Report III

Principle Author:  William C. Malm

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The Entire Document

Scanned version of the final paper report (31 MB)

Table of Contents (44 KB)

Overview and Summary (793 KB)
William C. Malm1

Chapter 1 (375 KB) – IMPROVE Network – Current and Future Configurations
Marc L. Pitchford2 and Mark Scruggs1

Chapter 2 (711 KB)- Aerosol Mass Budgets and Spatial Distributions
James F. Sisler3

Chapter 3 (1008 KB)- Spatial Distributions of Reconstructed Light Extinction and Light-
Extinction Budgets

James F. Sisler3 and William C. Malm1

Chapter 4 (493 KB)- Fine Particle Mass Concentration Frequency Distributions
Rodger Ames3

Chapter 5 (971 KB)- Trends Analysis
James F. Sisler3, William C. Malm1, Scott Copeland3 and Kristi Gebhart1

Updated trends following the Guidance for Tracking Progress Under the Regional Haze Rule are available in the Graphic Viewer

Chapter 6 (750 KB)- Special Studies
William C. Malm1 and Derek E. Day3

Appendix A (671 KB)- Visibility Maps derived from Measured and Spatially Interpolated IMPROVE and CDN Data

Appendix B (597 KB)- Plots

Appendix C (548 KB)-Trend Maps

Appendix D (4 KB)- Temporal Plots of Reconstructed Extinction and Extinction of Constituent Species

Appendix E (948 KB)- Monthly Reconstructed Fine Mass and Budgets from the IMPROVE Network-March 1996 through February 1999

Appendix F (293 KB)- Seasonal Diurnal Patterns

Appendix G (595 KB)- A Comparison of Sulfate and Nitrate Particle Mass Concentrations from IMPROVE and the CDC

1National Park Service (NPS)

2National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)

3Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere (CIRA)