IMPROVE Carbon Issues and Trends, Workshop October 20, 2010, Skamania Lodge, Stevenson, WA

The day before the 2010 IMPROVE steering committee meeting, a workshop was held to explore the fine particulate carbon concentrations measured in the IMPROVE and CSN monitoring networks. The workshop was focused on the spatial and long-term patterns in the organic, elemental and total carbon measurements as well as potential carbon measurement issues and their effects on the carbon concentration patterns.


8:00am Welcome and Introduction Marc Pitchford
IMPROVE Carbon Trends & Uncertainty
8:15am Decrease in EC and Fine Particle Mass in the US

Exploration of long-term trends in IMPROVE non-carbon species

Daniel Murphy (via speakerphone)
8:30am Trends in EC/OC ratios at long term IMPROVE sites and Washington DC Bret Schichtel
8:45am CSN and IMPROVE EC and TC Patterns and Trends, 2000-2009 Bret Schichtel
9:15am CSN Carbon Trends by Measurement and Difference Neil Frank
9:45am CSN Artifacts with URG-3000 Sampler Judy Chow
10:15am Morning Break
10:30am Trends for EC and BC Warren White
11:00am Long-term EC and Reflectance Trends in IMPROVE Laboratory Data John Watson
11:30am Reanalysis of IMPROVE Carbon Samples Warren White
Noon Lunch Break
1:00pm Seasonal Variability in OM/OC Ratios Across the US Heather Simon
1:30pm OM/OC Ratios in Rural, Suburban and Urban Areas Bill Malm
2:00pm Effect of the Absorption Angstrom Exponent on the EC to BC Relationship Mark Green
2:30pm Organic Carbon Data Quality in IMPROVE and Alternate Models for the Artifact Ann Dillner,



·  What more should be done to better understand past data?

Afternoon Break (15 minutes)

·  What can be done to improve future data?

·  Develop an Action Plan.

Open Discussion
Other IMPROVE Data Uses
4:30pm IMPROVE Report Trends Analysis Jenny Hand
5:00pm Nitrate in the Columbia River Basin Ranil Dhammapala
5:30pm Adjourn