2019 Steering Committee Agenda

October 22-23, 2019, Hotel Petaluma, Petaluma, CA

Tuesday, October 22nd - Technical Session

Time      TopicDiscussion Leader
8:30 AM Welcome and IntroductionsScott Copeland

Network and Lab Reviews

8:40 AM Optical and Scene MonitoringMark Tigges, Joe Adloch
8:55 AM UC Davis Network Update: Field, Laboratory & DataNicole Hyslop
9:55 AM Quality Assurance, Field Audit Results, and PurpleAirsDerek Day
10:15 AM 15 Minute Break
10:30 AM  Ion Analysis Tracy Dombeck
11:00 AM Update on IMPROVE Carbon Analyses Mark Green

Analytical Development

11:30 AM  New Upgrades to HIPS and What’s NextJason Giacomo
11:45 AM  An Update from the HIPS teamWarren White
12:00 AM 90 Minute Lunch
1:30 PM Filter Loading Adjustment fro Estimating Brown Carbon from Multiwavelength Thermal/Optical Carbon AnalysisMark Green
2:00 PM  FT-IR OC & EC predictions in IMPROVE & CSN networks across multiple yearsBruno Debus
2:20 PM  FT-IR OC and EC:
Reevaluating biases and Calibration Updating
Andy Weakley
2:40 PM  Trends in Organic Matter and functional groups using FTIR AND FTIR measurements around the GlobeAnn Dillner
3:00 PM Thoughts for the FutureTony Wexler
3:10 PM 15 Minute Break

Data Analysis

3:25 PM Data Management and Validation UpdateSean Raffuse
3:55 PM Comparison of CSN and IMPROVE Speciated PM2.5 through Collocated MeasurementsKatrine Gorham
4:15 PM Urban and Remote Coarse Aerosol Mass across the United StatesJenny Hand
4:35 PM Latest Data Substitution Effort for WRAPEmily Vanden Hoek
4:55 PM Adjourn for the day (optional group dinner)

Wednesday, October 23th - Technical (cont) and Business Meeting

Time      TopicDiscussion Leader

Data Analysis (cont)

8:00 AM Preliminary Data from Special Study at Dinosaur National MonumentTony Prenni

Data Processing, Distribution, and Quality

8:20 AM NASA’s MAIA project: Speciated PM using an Integrated Satellite and Ground Monitor ApproachAbbey Nastan
8:40 AM IMPROVE Carbonaceous Aerosol Data: LAC underestimation and TC-fabsBret Schichtel
9:30 AM IMPROVE Data and RHR MetricsScott Copeland
10:00 AM 15 Minute Break

IMPROVE Business

10:15 AM BudgetTony Prenni
10:25 AM Committee BusinessScott Copeland
11:00 AM Meeting Adjourned
1:30 PM Field Trip to PORE IMPROVE Site