2016 Steering Committee Meeting Agenda

November 1, 2016, Santa Fe National Forest Headquarters, Santa Fe, NM

Tuesday, November 1st - Technical Session

Time      TopicDiscussion Leader
8:30 AM IntroductionsScott Copeland
8:35 AM Welcome to Santa Fe National ForestJosh Hall

Network Review

8:45 AM Optical, Scene MonitoringMark Tigges
9:00 AM Quality assurance – field auditsDerek Day
9:20 AM Aerosol monitoring network statusNicole Hyslop
10:05 AM 15 Minute Break

Laboratory Review & Methods Development

10:20 AM Ion analysisTracy Dombek
10:40 AM Update of IMPROVE Carbon AnalysisJudy Chow
11:10 AM Additional Chemical/Optical Characterization for IMPROVE/CSN Filter SamplesJohn Watson
11:40 AM 90 Minute Lunch

IMPROVE Business

1:10 PM BudgetTony Prenni
1:25 PM IMPROVE Website/WinhazeTony Prenni/Bret Schichtel
1:35 PM QAPP signingScott Copeland
1:45 PM Committee Business, Next year's meetingScott Copeland

Data Processing, Distribution, and Quality

2:00 PM IMPROVE /CSN Mega PE and TSAsJoann Rice
2:15 PM Environment Canada Monitoring comparisonsKeith Jones
2:40 PM 15 Minute Break

Regional Haze / Data Analysis

2:55 PM RHR Metrics ReportingJohn Vimont
3:15 PM IMPROVE’s roles in tracking changes in visibility and determining causal mechanisms for impairment for Class I areasTom Moore
3:45 PM Reconstructed Fine Mass trendsJenny Hand

Data Analysis

4:05 PM An Examination of the Current IMPROVE AlgorithmTony Prenni
4:25 PM Future Priorities: 3rd IMPROVE Algorithm, NaturalBret Schichtel
Conditions 3, automated data substitution, quantitative metric uncertainty model, IMPROVE Report VI 
4:45 PM Working Group Session on Future PrioritiesBret/Scott/Jenny
5:15 PM Adjourn for the day (group dinner TBD)

Wednesday, November 2nd - NADP Joint Session - La Fonda Hotel

Time      TopicDiscussion Leader
8:30 AM Conference opening, introductions, overview of agenda
8:40 AM Annual State of NADP ReportDr David Gay
9:00 AM Estimating Temporal Trends in Biogenically Formed Secondary Organic Aerosols Resulting From Reduction in Atmospheric Aerosol Water Content Across the Continental United StatesBill Malm
9:20 AM Early onset of the spring fine dust season in the southwestern United StatesJenny Hand
9:40 AM A Non-destructive, Inexpensive Method for Predicting TOR OC and EC in the IMPROVE and CSN networks using Infrared SpectraAnn Dillner