The image gallery making up this historical archive consists of:


          A spectrum series of regional haze visibility conditions observed at the site for selected monitoring time periods.


          Selected visibility and meteorological episodes or events observed during the period of record (including wildfire, winter inversions, and/or regional haze impacts).


          Selected layered haze events observed during the period of record.


          Specific slides that show scenic views of the vista and observations of meteorological interest during the period of record.


          Historical slide selections requested by the IMPROVE Committee and/or other air quality managers that depict visibility conditions for project-specific reports or public presentations.


A complete summary of the historical archive project and the image selection process is provided in the Project Overview.


To access the site-specific image gallery:

-          Select the gallery archive type from the choices in the menu at the left.

-          Double-click individual thumbnails to access image information and alternate image sizes.

-          Right-click on the image to download or save an image to your hard drive.



Each selected image has been archived in following JPEG formats:






72 dpi


3 Kb

Thumbnail-Web reference

72 dpi


28 Kb

Browser and monitor display

72 dpi


90 Kb

Report documentation

72 dpi


170 Kb

PowerPoint presentations


Each image can also be viewed in itís original Kodak Photo CD format.


-          To obtain a Photo CD image:

Left-click on the blue PhotoCDImage descriptor located below the image slide documentation information.


-           3-5 MB Kodak Photo CD files can be opened with image software in any one of 5 resolutions: 192x128, 384x256, 768x512, 1536x1024, or 3072x2048.




Air Resource Specialists, Inc. created this historical photographic archive for the

IMPROVE Program under contract to the National Park Service (NPS) Air Resources Division.


The National Park Service is the copyright owner of all provided images.

Any commercial use or duplication of this material

without prior approval or licensing is forbidden.

Use of the provided images should reference the

IMPROVE Program.